Why This Blog Exists

I created this blog for two primary reasons:
  1. To have a place to organize my genealogy notes.  It can be a daunting task to keep all of the information out there in a reasonable order.  Putting it in blog form adds a nice narrative touch to the information, that hopefully can be put into book form some day with a service like www.blog2print.com.  My wife and I have used things like this in the past for personal blogs, and the thought of having one for genealogy to pass down through the generations is very compelling.
  2. I have the pipe dream that some day someone will stumble onto this blog with the missing pieces about my ancestry.  There are a small handful of us out there already with posts on message boards from one end of the Internet to the other.  This is just one more form of outreach.
Someone out there is also descended from Jacob.  Perhaps his lineage is recorded in a family Bible.  Maybe, if my wildest dreams came true, there is a picture or painting of his family out there somewhere.

If you are that person, then contact me by commenting on a blog entry.