Monday, May 16, 2011

Strange Names

Antique names in the South tend to be quite unique, even by today's standards.  The great thing about that is when you search for them, you tend to get exactly what you are looking for.

Here are a few people who I have run across in my search for Jacob that are possibly related, and may even hold some key to finding more information on my ancestor.

Loami Pittman
The State of Mississippi       }
iss           vs                            }
Job Rowley and                    }              Indictment for Assault & Battery
Loami Pittman                                     }                              This day came the District Attorney who prosecutes in behalf of said State and also the defendant Job Rowley in person, and also came Aaron Smith the prosecutor and injured party, and the said prosecutors was compromised by the said Job Rowley and the said Smith and the same dismissed, so far as the said Rowley is concerned, upon his paying the costs of said prosecution.  Whereupon it is considered by the Court that the said State of Mississippi do recover of and from the said Job Rowley the costs by said State about his prosecution in this behalf Expended, for which Execution may issue.

So here is a fellow connected to a known relative (Job Rowley).  with a very interesting name.  

On, he is listed as William Loami Pittman, born 1828, and many folks list him as the son of Jacob.  That would make him my second great grand uncle.  Why he is listed as William Loami, I do not know, because all of the records attached to his name just show him as Loami.

He is on the 1860 census with his family, next to Nancy, Calvin, and the rest of their family.  He also lives next door to his own in-laws.

UPDATE:  This website ( ) also says that Loami was the son of Jacob and Nancy... and it gives yet another name for him (William Loami "Saul" Pittman)  Crazy Southerners, and their crazy nicknames.

Theophilus Pittman

In my search for Loami, I ran across this:

3. THEOPHILUS2 PITTMAN (MALACHI1) was born 21 July 1816 in NC or SC, and died 14
August 1907 in Washington Par LA. He married (1) SAVILLA JAMES. She was born 11
September 1826 in Louisiana, and died 26 December 1879 in Washington Par LA. He
married (2) MELISSA STAFFORD Aft. 1880. She was born 22 October 1838, and died
17 July 1914 in Washington Par LA.

1850 Washington Parish, LA Census 176-176 (Next door to Malachi Pitman) Offa
Pitman 30 m Farmer 100 , b NC; Savilla 24 f, b LA; Malachi 4 m, b LA
1850 Washington Parish, LA Agricultural Census: #36 Offa Pitman 12 acres
improved, 124 unimproved; $100 cash value of farm; $50 value of farming
implements & machinery; 1 horse; 3 milk cows; 2 working oxen; 4 other cattle; 12
swine; $115 value of livestock; 50 bushels of Indian corn; 50 bushels of sweet
1860 Washington Parish, LA Census 91-91 Theophilus Pittman 45 m Farmer, b SC;
Savilla 33 f, b LA; Malachi 13 m, b LA; Malachi 70 m, b SC
Pitman Theophilus LA WASHINGTON PAR 1860 FRANKLINTON P.O. 777 1860
Pitman Nancy LA WASHINGTON PAR ROBERTS P.O. 798 1860
Pitman Loami LA WASHINGTON PAR ROBERTS P.O. 798 1860
10/30/1865 Theophelous Pittman & A.J. James and wife deed to Tyra J. Tynes, his
son accepting for him, land on Deep Creek bounded N. by Wm. Holton, E. by B.L.
Lea, S. by public land, & W. by S.W. Varnado, 280 acres as transfered to vendors
by J.C. Fisher, for $700. Savilla James wife of Theopelous Pittman, & Rebecca
Fussell wife of A.J. James relinquished dower. Wits: T.C. Brumfield & Wiley
Strahan. Recd. 12/2/1865.
Pittman Theophilus LA WASHINGTON PAR 18704 W FRANKLINTON 242 1870
Pittman Cemetery, Washington Par LA

Sure enough, here is another odd named fellow right next to my relatives.

Theophilus being a Latin name, I find it pertinent here to mention other Latin names in my family. 
  • William Loami had a daughter named Theodosia
  • Jacob also appears to have had a son named Augustus

More to come....