Saturday, February 12, 2011

The End of the Trail

What We Know

Several events have conspired against us in our search for Jacob Pittman's ancestry.  Below, you will find everything that I know about him, gathered together in this one place.  It isn't very much data, but hopefully it is enough to connect him to the rest of the family tree some day.

  • He lived in Mississippi by 1830.  From the federal census, we have this image.  It doesn't directly tell us much.  There were six people in his household, and he was the head. Males: 1 < 5.  1 >5 < 10. 1 > 20 < 30. Females: the same as the males, actually.  It is also noteworthy, that this census tells us who his neighbors were.  Two in particular are noteworthy.  One was John S Pittman, who by DNA is shown to be at least a cousin, potentially closer.  The other, is James Gill, who might be either his father-in-law, or brother-in-law.
  • Still in Marion County MS at 1840.  By 1840, the federal census shows his household at eleven members.  There is not much else to glean from this census.  He no longer shares a page with John S Pittman and James Gill.  John is two pages back.  James seems to be gone, and may have already moved to Louisiana at this point.  Neither of the household members over twenty years of age could read or write.  Five of the household were employed in agriculture.
  • He was in Marion County MS until at least 1845.  I have only abstracts from the Mississippi state census, but he is listed in both 1841 and 1845.  This is the last that I've seen of him on any official record.
  • His family is in Louisiana without him by 1850.  As we said in previous posts, his wife went to live with the Gill families in Louisiana sometime between 1846 and 1850.  That is where they show up on the census records.
  • His Y-Chromosome: Through DNA testing, we know that if he was indeed my ancestor, he was a descendant of Thomas Pittman.

R1b 14 12 14 12 13 29 23 11

DYS392 DYS393 DYS426 DYS437 DYS438 DYS439 DYS441 DYS442

13 12 12 15 12 12 14 17

DYS444 DYS445 DYS446 DYS447 DYS448 DYS449 DYS452 DYS454

12 12 13 21 19 30 30 11

DYS455 DYS456 DYS458 DYS459a DYS459b DYS460 DYS461 DYS462

11 15 17 9 10 11 12 11

DYS463 DYS464a DYS464b DYS464c DYS464d DYS635 GGAAT1B07 YCAIIa

24 15 15 15 17 23 10 19


23 15 12


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